Lemon Scented Dishwasher Tabs

This post is from my old blog but funny thing I originally posted it a month ago and I am almost out of these bad boys!!!  I swear dishes are never ending at my house.  I guess it comes from having teenagers in the house who think I am their maid.  

I absolutely love making my own dishwasher tabs.  Why do I make them you ask? Well, first off I know what is in them, they smell good, and they are cheap to make.  All it takes is a little bit of time.  If you want you can just mix all the ingredients minus the water, to use it as powdered dishwasher detergent.  


1 Cup Super Washing Soda
1 Cup Baking Soda
1 Cup Borax (if you want leave this out but use less water)
1/2 Cup Sea Salt or Epsom Salt
3/4 Cup Water
30 drops Lemon Essential Oil
Yellow food coloring (optional)

A mold of your choice (I use silicone ice cube trays similar to these, these would be good too)

1. In a glass bowl mix dry ingredients.

2. Mix water, lemon essential oil and food coloring, if desired.  The reason I add the food coloring is because I make laundry tabs too.

3.  Add liquid ingredients to dry ingredients and mix together, I used a fork, until well blended. The mixture should feel like wet sand.

5. Fill your mold spaces with about a tablespoon of mixture, press in tight.  The space in the molds I used were about a tablespoon so I just filled them up making sure to press the mixture tightly into them.  Let dry for several hours or over night.

6.  Remove from mold and place in storage container.